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Eye Health / PEARS Examinations

At Davies and Lowry all our Optometrists are accredited to carry out Eye Health / PEARS examinations.

This scheme enables registered Optometrists to perform, free of charge to the patient and funded by The Welsh assembly Government, one of the following special types of eye examination.


The Eye Health Exam – Selected categories of patients who may be at greater risk of eye disease and therefore may be entitled to an enhanced examination.


PEARS exam – This applies to a patient who has a sudden eye problem and can then request a Primary Eyecare Acute Referral Scheme (PEARS) eye examination.

These examinations can be carried out at the request of the patient themselves or from the patients GP.

More information on these examinations can be found at EYECARE WALES Website.


Low Vision Assessments
In Wales, people who have low vision can have an assessment of their vision by an accredited optometrist such as Davies and Lowry.

Low Vision can often be helped by a range of vision aids, appliances and practical advice. This is all available free of charge from the Welsh Low Vision Service and carried out at our practice.

At Davies & Lowry Optometrists both Justine and Kathryn are accredited to offer this service  which can be a lifeline for people when glasses or contact lenses are no longer enough.